Quartz watch vs mechanical watch, how to choose?

The last one to share with you my favorite few watches, netizens have also showed off their own exclusive collection. This time I would like to talk about buying watches will encounter problems. Some netizens asked: When buying swiss replica watches the belt is good or metal strap good? Benevolent see benevolence. Belt watch more gentle sense, suiwatch for civilian wear. The metal strap for sports models, rough, suiwatch for outdoor sports, even sweating, it will not cause wear on the strap. There are netizens asked me, a large brand of quartz replica watches uk can also be the same as the preservation of mechanical watches it? Quartz watch (quartz watch) invented by the Japanese in the 1970s, driven by the power quartz vibration timing. Quartz watch for the watchmaking industry revolution, so that the production of watches increased, prices fell, breaking the Swiss watch the dominant position. Now Switzerland produces about 30 million watches a year, and the world watch output is about 1 billion a year, of which 90% of the quartz watch. Quartz watch small size, light weight, beautiful appearance, easy maintenance, ladies watch quartz movement. But the quartz watch needs to change the battery frequently, moreover the quartz also can because of the long-term oscillation decline, causes the timepiece to be inaccurate. Mechanical watch (mechanical watch) is to rely on the principle of mechanical power watch time, divided into hand chain and automatic winding. Thousands of precision gears bite each other, to provide different performance for the watch, the machine itself is the embodiment of the value of art, but also watch collection lovers of love. Fine mechanical watches, if the watch is well preserved, can be a century-old heritage. When it comes to collection and preservation of capacity, I would prefer mechanical watches. Mechanical watches expensive, not only a timer, is also a complex handicrafts. If the budget is limited or daily wear, consider the quartz watch. Large brands of quartz rolex replica, such as Patek Philippe, Chopin, Piaget, the United States and the United States and Cartier, etc. can be considered. Which is more popular women's watches. In the design, the diamond ladies watch based on location restrictions, and do not have the chain, quartz movement is the only choice, so women's expensive watch to diamond value and design style to measure. The men's watch most of the mechanical function, its value is reflected in the watch itself, the complex functions. Quartz and mechanical watches are valuable. Then we introduce a few more special new watch. Catier Cartier Blue Ballon Blue Balloon Series. Pink belt, bezel set diamonds, fine three-pin, automatic watch, Boysize. Patek Philippe Aquanaut diving watch, automatic winding, calendar function, transparent bottom, platinum diamond circle, chocolate oval dial, glial strap. Boysize, about 35 million. Roger Dubuis Haojue, Tourbillon, large calendar, transparent bottom, pink gold watch, 40mm * 40mm. Surface with crystal glass, trapezoidal slope design. Roger Dubuis focus on complex mechanical watches, and each has a strong personality, and limited edition, such as a global only 28, this one is numbered 09 (bottom cover engraved 09/28), priced at about 130 Million.