Good boss of the world in Malaysia! . . Buy 1000 watches reward the efforts of employees! Want to change jobs ah ~

Good boss of the world in Malaysia! . . Buy 1000 watches reward the efforts of employees! Want to change jobs ah ~ Mint. 2016-12-09 Report AddThis Sharing Buttons Share to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to PinterestPinterestShare to Google + Google + Share to MoreMore Malaysia has the best boss! And that the boss is we all know the AirAsia Group Chief Executive Tony Fernandes it! He generously sent 1000 Chopard replica watches uk, to service more than 10 years of staff, worth a total of 3 million US dollars (about 13.28 million ringgit). He yesterday in the social media Instagram upload pictures and messages that spend every penny is worth it! "These employees are our first batch of students, and now some of the captain, and some customer service, I am very proud of." Word words and actions are revealed to staff full of gratitude. Can encounter such a boss, really no white loyalty, ah! Source: The first to receive the latest interesting text! Fast by praise! You might like it Malaysia Perodua will open the first used car retail store, after which you can buy used cars it! Malaysian girls attention! McDonald's [strong. Rape] case, the girl in full view was dragged into the toilet! The prisoner turned out to be ...? New Year approaching, extra careful! Refresh the history of the lowest closing price, ringgit against the Singapore dollar was shocked 3.16! Singapore hopes to return the Chinese New Year armored vehicles, Beijing position: "begging useless"! Singapore passport so cattle, you do not know? (With Singapore visa-free countries) Singapore and Malaysia really need high-speed rail between it? Sultan did not interest and Dunma continue to argue, "the said I have said, enough is enough!" sorrow! Drowning who died before the help, the crowd only to take pictures but not to save! Just around us ... What is a [Halal] banknote? The world's most unclean and unhygienic, colorful notes Eight Chengdu pig stained with DNA! Should not be a sub-point it? Malaysia has such a good original traffic police! See the Montreal glass fragments, he even ... ... we need more good police! Unscrupulous government officials to hawkers thick! Hawkers intolerable direct leaching oil stove stalls! The two sides under the stalemate even ... scene is hot! Look ~ New country "tolls" too expensive? Soft Minister suggested: take the bus! Friends: should swim in the past, save the full cost ... ... Malaysia 2017 holiday school holidays, some states only put six days, some states are entitled to 9 days with fake ah! . . Do Malaysians who work in rolex replica Singapore also need to file a tax return? Simple six steps, you can easily tax it! Collection Oh ~ Relinquishing eligibility for a housing plan? Family monthly income from RM2,500 to RM1500! This is still sold to the rich good! shock! In order to celebrate "hi Takako", even the whole village to see strippers spray urine? . (With video) Lin Guanying is the police investigation incitement, the original is not even the raw hair of the 13-year-old Malay teenager dry! HAHAHAHAHA! . . Try not to laugh, look at the playback or laugh to cry ..... own paper towels! Laughing is not life ~ Trust Johor relatives to help betting, Singapore 50-year-old housewife win more than 244 million betting on Malaysia Dodo! Overnight riches ~ Malaysian teachers and students in the collective evil, horror haunted picture for the first time out! recommend BR1M 2017 The grant date and amount of the rolex replica watches grant will be divided into three distributions ... Perhaps a lot of Maru are not clear, but please note! 2017, the Singapore WP can not rent housing? . Please take the time to read the article! Malaysian attention! New Year to buy gold? Be careful to buy fake gold in the shop! There are already a number of people deceived, true and false memories of this distinction ... ... HAHAHAHAHA! . . Try not to laugh, look at the playback or laugh to cry ..... own paper towels! Laughing is not life ~ China's Foreign Ministry responded: "China's proposed return of Singapore's armored vehicle conditions", asked Singapore to ensure that ... ... so arrogant is no one! Note 2 minutes and 55 seconds! . . Beauty of a man actually action ... ... really powerful! . . Admire admire ~ what? . Non-kin can not ride a ride? . 52 Men and women misconduct is banned! Malaysia is getting more extreme! Fast to share out! User experiment: Malaysia "this" brand of bread the most unhealthy! Many people are still eating ah! 2016 Malaysia 35,000 people were cut! Which is the largest number of layoffs in this industry ... ... up to 15,000! Shell Petrol Station: The whole Shell to suspend service! No wonder the morning when the oil is sealed! The reason is ...? .